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Enjoy all the benefits of luxury vinyl flooring today

Luxury vinyl flooring is growing in popularity almost daily. It is a durable and gorgeous option for any room, and it's benefit-rich too. It's sure to meet plenty of requirements and still offer something more.

The floors also offer a reasonable lifespan and all without costing too much. It's easy to install and maintain, leaving you to concentrate on more essential matters on any day. Learning more about these materials is a great way to find the benefits that best serve you.

Matching products with your needs

Impressive LVP and LVT flooring match your specific needs. Choosing suitable floors will translate into durability, lifespan, and complete flooring satisfaction. Ensuring the perfect thickness means creating excellent protection and durability for every room.

The thicker the materials, the fewer subfloor imperfections will make their way through. This translates into a longer lifespan, as well as budget savings. In addition, since the replacement isn't often necessary, you'll enjoy getting the most for your money.

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Visual appeal that knows no boundary

Getting a stunning visual is no problem at all with luxury vinyl flooring. Choose from vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring that looks like rich oak, washed concrete, or groutless tile. And choose from the vast color, texture, and format options that come with them.

There are as many attractive options for casual spaces as for formal areas. Think about the look you're trying to match or create as you browse the many choices available. You're sure to find the best resources, no matter your remodeling plan.

Preventative maintenance goes a long way

Keeping floors clean and well-maintained is a great way to increase lifespan. Luxury vinyl flooring appearances last longer, too, mainly when you use walk-off mats in integral spaces—vacuum or sweep as necessary and clean up spills as they happen for best results.

When it comes to deep cleaning, use only manufacturer-recommended products. For example, use glides or casters under furniture and chairs, especially in home offices. And steer clear of harsh solutions, abrasive cleaners, and steam mops.
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We have the luxury vinyl flooring you need

Artisan Floors & Interiors is a great place to find the flooring and services you need. Our associates are standing by to offer help and experience for any size luxury vinyl flooring remodel. So, share your vision with our staff, and let us do the rest.

Visit our Middle Township, NJ showroom when you're ready to get your luxury vinyl flooring. From there, we serve Cape May County, NJ, Cumberland County, NJ, Atlantic County, NJ, Ocean County, NJ, and Burlington County, NJ. Stop by any time you're in the area for an assessment.