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What should you know about laminate flooring?

Thanks to a wide variety of new features, laminate flooring is seeing a revival in popularity. So, it's not surprising to see homeowners taking a renewed interest. As a result, this product line now serves more homeowners in more rooms for outstanding results.

The image might be everything to you, but durability keeps these floors in place for 20 years. And both have managed to find their way to the top, depending on who needs flooring. So, this is a great time to find out more about new features to make the most of this product line when you shop.

Visual appeal can mean everything

Laminate flooring offers beautiful appearances in every single plank. They can mimic natural wood and stone, provide beautiful colors, and match many decor choices. But as you put the pieces together, you'll uncover more beauty and layers of appearance.

Mixing light and dark colors give you a high-variation color scheme that works well in many places. But, of course, staggering planks, variable width installations, and herringbone layouts change the look. So, if you're looking for something appealing, different is never a bad idea.

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Durable factors that are important

Homeowners love the fact that laminate retains a like-new appearance for years. In addition, unique technology creates a more durable finish than ever before. These options provide scratch, stain, and abrasion resistance that goes the distance.

Household traffic can take a toll on your flooring. But with the right choices, you can create a surface that guards against this kind of wear. And the result is a floor covering that looks better while lasting longer.

Which rooms are best for laminate?

Laminate flooring is easy to customize, making it adaptable in various rooms. Choose features common to the room you want to floor. For instance, choose vibrant visuals and waterproof features for bathrooms or kitchen flooring.

In foyers and entries, opt for a gripping first impression. Create space, stress architectural details, or dramatize an area that is often neutral. Save tons of personal style and unique features of gathering areas and living rooms.
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