There is nothing quite like the comfort of carpet underfoot.

It is soft and inviting, especially in rooms such as your living room or bedroom where you want that extra touch of warmth.

But if you have pets, you may not think carpet is the best choice for your home. Pets can be hard on flooring, but you don’t have to sacrifice your floors for your furry loved ones, even if you want carpet in your home. There are many pet-friendly carpet products currently on the market.

There are many benefits to installing carpet in a home with pets. Carpet gives your pets a soft place to play and lay down, helps absorb sound, gives a slip-resistant surface, and you don’t have to worry about scratches like you do with hard surface floors.

Today’s carpet is more durable than ever and built to last. Many are designed specifically to stand up to stains and wear and tear associated with pets. That’s good news for pet lovers. We, at Artisan Floors and Interiors can help you find the perfect pet-friendly carpet for your home. We will help you find the style and performance level you need that matches your budget.

When purchasing carpet for a home with pets, we’ll look at its durability, how easy it is to clean and maintain, and how stain resistant it is. We’ll also help you pick the color and style to match your aesthetic.

Pet-Friendly Carpet Types

The material the carpet fibers are made of can make a difference in your flooring’s overall durability and ability to resist stains. Different materials provide you with varying degrees of softness, durability, and price. The one you choose will depend on your individual needs.

Nylon is the most popular material for carpet and is a great choice for pet owners. It is synthetic and made to be extremely durable and resistant to stains. Nylon resists moisture, handles pet stains and odors easily, and can stand up to high-traffic areas. It is also an affordable product.

Polyester is another synthetic fiber that is soft but less durable than nylon. It is also often more affordable than nylon. It is ideal for rooms with less foot traffic because of its dense, deep pile. Polyester does not stand up to wear and tear as well as other options.

Olefin is made from plastic but can look like wool, and it resists piling. It is durable in high-traffic areas, even often being used in outdoor rugs. Olefin carpet is short and dense but has a rough feel. It doesn’t stain easily, is easy to clean and resists fading, making this material great for homes with messy pets.

Wool is a natural carpet fiber that repels moisture and resists stains. It is incredibly soft, and its tightly woven design makes it ideal for light and medium traffic areas of your home. Accidents and spills would have to be cleaned immediately because you cannot use stain-resistant products on wool.

Triexta is a newer, very dense fabric, made to resist stains. It is known for being incredibly low maintenance, though it is soft underfoot. However, triexta is not as durable as other options.

Pet-Friendly Carpet Pile

The type of carpet pile you choose will vary depending on your individual taste and needs. There are carpet piles better for homes with pets though. The longer the pile, the denser and softer the carpet is. There are also variations of loop or cut pile. When it comes to a home with pets you will either want to choose a cut variation or a short loop. Long loops can result in pets getting their claws hung, which can cause rips and tears.

Some of the best pile options for pets include:

Frieze pile fibers are made of long, thin, twisted fibers that are tightly woven to create a knobby look. These twists are visually interesting, soft, and help hide dirt.

Saxony pile fiber are tightly woven, durable, and hard to snag. This pile is cut at an angle and can be dense and soft.

Pet-Friendly Durable Carpet

When shopping for your new pet-friendly carpet, you’ll want to find a high-performance and stain-resistant product to ensure your carpet will last for many years. There are pet-specific carpets on the market that are extra resistant to the stains and odors associated with having pets in the home. Having the built-in stain resistance will prevent your pets from damaging the carpet or the padding underneath.

We, at Artisan Floors and Interiors, can help you find the best carpet for a home with pets. You – and your pets – deserve the soft luxury that only carpet provides without worrying about how it will hold up. To find the best pet-friendly carpet for your home, contact us or visit us at 1167 route 9 south Cape May Courthouse NJ 08210. Call 609-770-6566 for a free in home estimate.